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Writer's Block: The best of times
What song reminds you of the happiest times in your life, and why?

when we try to connect songs with emotions, I think it will be easier to relate the sad moments of your lives to certain songs. I could clearly remember a couple of songs among others, which I deliberately listened to while I lay on my bed  and cried with. One is an Avril Lavigne and another one from Rivermaya. Those were a few years back. If you'd ask me there are more than a dozen songs I listen/ed to which made me cry and feel sad.

White Houses by Vanessa C.
I Won't Love by Baek Ji Young
Pare Ko by Eraserheads
Signal fire by Snow Patrol
Fix You, Coldplay
I Love You oh Thank You, MC Mong
I Believe, Shin Seung Hun
Back To December, Taylor Swift
Light years, Eheads
Kanlungan, Noel Cabangon
The Planets Bend Between Us, Snow Patrol

Aw. there's a lot really. And those above are just few samples which I remember at the moment.

Seriously, when I think about these songs now, I feel a pinch of sadness, remembering people who used to be sharing a tiny world with me and stuff.

Anyway, to note of the songs that make me remember good times and laughter, I need to shake of some bits from my brain for a moment.


Well, Top of the World is my favorite song when I do feel floating in cloud 9. Whenever I hear or sing the song, there are no particular memories rushing in on me. Just feel-good emotion. Though the song is basically a love song, I sing it on my head whenever I have great experiences during the day. Not being in love, particularly.

Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae is another feel-good song. It reminds me of summer and carefree days. And biking and feeling the sun slightly burn your skin.


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